Mineral Wool Installation

Mineral Wool insulation traps the air, making it one of the best insulating materials. The porous and elastic structure of the wool also absorbs noise. Mineral wool is incombustible and does not fuel fire or propagate flames. It’s highly resistant to moisture and water. Since it doesn’t absorb moisture, mineral wool doesn’t promote rot, corrosion, fungi, mold, mildew or bacterial growth. Another benefit of mineral wool is it’s extremely fire resistant and can be used as a firestop.

Owens Corning® Thermafiber®

Combining life-saving fire protection with excellent thermal and acoustical performance, Thermafiber® mineral wool from Owens Corning is manufactured and customized for both commercial and residential applications. Thermafiber® offers efficient, fire-resistant and mold-resistant mineral wool insulation solutions in a wide range of options.

Mineral Wool uses:

  • Residential applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Sound Control
  • Moisture Management
  • Firestop